Love diamond qualities but looking for something a little more ethical? The Emma diamond is a great alternative to diamonds. What is the Emma Diamond? The Emma Diamond is a lab created diamond simulant that, among all simulants, most closely resembles the look, brilliance and durability of a diamond, it is eco friendly and not to mention it costs up to 75% less than diamonds.


Every single Emma Diamond AlternativeTM engagement ring is laser inscribed. The laser inscription allows you to easily identify your stone. Plus, a peace of mind. You will feel secure in knowing that no one can switch your stone, whether on purpose or by acident. Nothing protects your investment better than the ability to identify your stone without fail.


Last Forever Just As Diamonds Do


Twice More Fire Than A Diamond


Up To 75% Less Than Diamonds


More Brilliance Than Any Diamond


Very Clean VVS2


Found In Nature & Grown In A Lab


When you think of cheap diamond alternatives, your mind probably automatically lands on cubic zirconia, but don’t confuse CZ with Emma diamonds: There’s no comparison between the two, Emma diamond is a fine gem that is guaranteed to hold its color and clarity forever. Cubic zirconia gemstones are mass-produced, often cut by machines and not usually well cut. They are hard to the point of being brittle, do not hold color or clarity, and will cloud within around one year after purchasing them.

At a lesser cost than a comparably sized diamond, Emma diamond alternatives are crafted from the highest quality and guaranteed to fall in the colorless range. And with a wide range of shapes to choose from including round, princess cushion, emerald, hearts and oval, pear and radiant, you have the opportunity to design a stunning ring that embodies your character.

Unlike diamonds which are most commonly cut to maximize carat weight, Emma diamond alternatives are specially cut and faceted to maximize its fire and brilliance. The ideal cut patterns of our Emma Diamond Alternative was established after years of studying the angles of light refraction through it.


It is almost impossible for the naked eye to distinguish the Emma Simulated Diamond from an earth-mined natural diamond; and because they resemble the same optical characteristics, radiance, sparkle and beauty of natural diamonds – even professional jewelers have a hard time telling the difference. Perfect in every way, we invite you to see for yourself why smart shoppers have made Emma Simulated Diamonds their primary choice.


While Emma Diamond Alternatives are great in all types of jewelry, they are becoming popular as the center stone for engagement rings by many young couples. From a practical standpoint, they are durable, affordable, beautiful and ethical.


You can find the Emma Diamond Alternative studs that look similar to diamond studs and at a much lower price point. For a more elegant look, choose drop earrings. Under lights, these sparkle beautifully.


Emma Diamond Alternative tennis bracelets are another classy and sophisticated option, whether for casual or formal outfits. Like a diamond tennis bracelet, yet fraction of its price.


Emma Diamond Alternative pendant and necklaces come in a variety of styles and designs. They tend to go with any outfit and are a versatile choice of jewelry